The Illusion - What Is It?

Celestial Essential Oils unravelling the Illusion
The Illusion

The Illusion, what a great way to live. What if everything we perceive to be the Truth - living through our thoughts and emotions is really just an illusion. How can that be? It is all we know. We have spent our lives using these tools - the mind and emotions - to direct our lives, to create our lives in all its facets. How can these be an illusion? What if you really a manifestation of God. What if God didn't just create you in his own image but created you from Self and therefore you are God and you are You? Both together! Not separate but as One. Then you must ask yourself, who is my mind, who is my emotions? All my life I have thought of myself as 'I' but perhaps it is not 'I' but 'We'. And that being so, then my mind is the mind of God.

Now if you accept your mind is the mind of God and You, then who has been directing your life and emotions all this time. Do you think God is taking a back seat in this life of yours? Just watching as you toddle along doing your thing? Checking in on you from time to time just to see how you are doing? Of course not. God is active, you are God experiencing, you are God weeping, laughing, high, low, loving, angry, everything. EVERYTHING!!!!!  So again, that being the case, your life must be as it should be, you are doing what you should be doing, you are living how you need to live. And if you are truly God, then there cannot be judgement, because you are experiencing all that you need to experience. No more, no less. God does not need to judge himself.