Past Lives & Re-incarnation

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Past Lives

Recommended reading on Past Life Regression 'Journey of Souls' by Dr. Michael Newton *****

When one comes to a place of spiritual understanding, ie. that we are all God's children no matter what, we also accept then that we are eternal beings, not limited to one lifetime here on Earth, but experiencing Eternity through existing in many lifetimes already gone, and many yet to come.

WE ARE ETERNAL BEINGS. Each lifetime here on Earth is an opportunity to learn, grow, experience, and further our spiritiual enlightenment. Eventually some people come to a place that other beings before us have arrived. MASTERY! There are many who have achieved this, notably Jesus, Buddha, Kwan Yin, St Germaine, El Morya, Serapis Bey, Nada, to name a very few.

In each lifetime, we are the sum of our previous lives and experiences. This being so, we carry very deep within our psyche and cellular memory, the memories of our past experiences and those memories bring with them the ability to affect our present lives. Most often the effect of these memories can be quite profound, they cause us to act in certain ways, do particular things and live our lives according to hidden beliefs. Beliefs we don't even know are there. These beliefs are hugely varied. They can give us irrational fears, blind devotion, driving ambition, desire for power, need for love, the list is endless.

We may have been abused in a past life and so for example, we may bring through a driving anger and desire to hurt others in this lifetime, or to hide quietly in a life somewhere where we draw no attention to ourselves. The soul will elect to react in its own way. Consciously the Soul will not understand it's desire for either of these reactions, it will simply react in defense of itself in this life.

Many more people are being drawn to go through past life regression now in order to identify the reasons why they act and feel in this present life. It gives them a window to look at themselves from a new perspective and gain a deeper understanding of their present life and predicaments. There are many healing modalities now that utilise accessing past lives in order to help someone heal the present. Gaining an understanding of one's motives, realising why one always reacts and feels a certain way can be a huge door to open and change one's life. Suddenly when we have a reason why we do particular things, it can relieve us of a burden, and activate great change within. It also gives us the opportunity to forgive ourselves and others, because mostly we are our own harshest judge of our actions, thoughts and feelings. When we gain this understanding of the hidden motive, we can heal this point with understanding and make the change to a new action and feeling much more easily.