Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene at Celestial Essential Oils

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene is the Twin Flame of Master Jesus. Their meeting in his last incarnation as Jesus was a gift from the Father to them both. Many people believe they are meeting their Twin Flames on the planet at this time but this is reserved for final incarnations. This means one of the Twin Flames must be in training as a Master preparing for final ascension.

Mary Magdalene's message is 'be true to yourself' and to your path by living fully and unconditionally in Divine Love.

Mary Magdalene has perhaps not yet ascended as many believe, but is in fact incarnated at this time and being taken through her Mastery training. When she appears to those calling upon her it is her Oversoul they are connecting with which makes it no less a strong energetic connection. As her Twin flame is an Ascended Master [a Twin Flame is the same energy], her Twin works with both of their energies to fulfill the requests being asked of her.

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Mary Magdalene Essential Oils - Rose  Neroli  Lavender  Frankincense  Jasmine  Lemongrass 

Picture of Mary Magdalene by Pamela Matthews




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