Celestial Essential Oil Spiritual Mastery

The Journey towards Self Mastery starts simply enough. It starts firstly by existing in the best possible way. What is the best possible way? It is the way in which we honour ourselves and others, by being true to ourselves. By listening to our heart not our mind and by using our discernment to recognise the Truth in all things.

A Master is not necessarily one who can walk on water or change water into wine. A Master is one who has control of their thoughts, feelings and actions. Although towards the end of their last life journey when they are completing Mastery, these gifts will be bestowed upon them, it will not be until they have completed all else. There may be a Master in training among you, although you would probably not recognise them. A Master in training will not try to impress you with their knowledge, they will not be the most psychic person you have ever met, or the most gifted healer. They will have, however, a great desire to help others, in whatever form that may take.

So one does not become a Master easily. It is a training process and a Master in training will make many mis-steps along their path also. It is how we learn is it not? There is also another hidden step. Well not really hidden, it is the step of God. There is and will be only one way to become a Master and that is with God's help. Our creator guides our every move, we may not always be aware of the hand prompting us this way and that but always it is. A Master must make many side journeys, following all tracks before being guided back to the direct path. How could one become a Master without exploring many avenues first. A Master is after all one who understands the trials and tribulations of life, the highs and lows, who has experienced and understood much.

When you become a Master in Training You will become totally aware of every little thing about yourself. You will be forced to LOOK at every little thing about yourself. There will be no hidden nooks, although this will happen in stages, not all at once. You will have to become mindful of all your emotions, your thoughts, your actions. The journey will start and continue with Mastery of the mind and then move onto emotions, when you will then be working on both. You will be required to be totally honest with yourself and others at all times. You will be required to listen to your Heart. You will be tested time and again on all things, and even when you think you have finally got it on one little thing, you will be tested some more. However, I stress again, this a journey you embark on with God. God will reveal little things and big things to you along the journey, these enlightened moments will give you insights into your previous and present behaviours, emotions and relationships. These enlightened moments give you access to heal and complete.

This is a journey of absolute trust and trusting is another journey in itself is it not? How often do we believe we Trust absolutely in God's plan, only to find ourselves still using the mind to work out every little detail and contingency. Trust covers an enormous scope of possibilites and you will have to work through these one at a time also. How much do you Trust that God is indeed ALL? You may find that you think you do, but most likely you will have put limitations on that also.

Self Mastery of the mind may seem to be the simpler option than that of the emotions. However, the mind has been controlling you for a long time and it will not give up easily. This is where using discernment and recognising the Truth within all things comes into play. You must start to recognise the hidden Truths in what the mind is saying and expel all else. This will not be easy. Remember you have been listening to it for a long time - all your life. What if the mind starts playing one of its little games with you? How will recognise the Truth? Too long have you listened to and been guided by its foibles and accepted them. Too long have you acted on what you perceive rather than what you know. The mind will rationalise all to you so that you accept it rather than what you know deep inside. The mind will give you every persuasion until you accept it. How will you conquer this? That will be up to you. But there will be certain Truths which you must accept about the mind before you move onto the emotions.

Self Mastery of the emotions then comes into play with the mind still playing its game. But now you see a slightly different picture than you have perceived before. You have accepted a new Truth - that will be a journey unto itself. You must then use this new Truth to your advantage because now you are at war. Actually it is not a war you can win. So you learn to give up the war and just laugh. Just laugh at what your mind insists upon and what your emotions keep trying to lead you to. Because now you know the Truth and the Truth will make you laugh with your creator at the idiocy of the mind and emotions. You will laugh at the great illusion, you will laugh at the beauty of the illusion and how it supports humanity in its desires, its quest for knowledge and its ability to keep us off track. Even when we think we are there - on track - we really are not. This is the beauty of the illusion.

But even if you have got to this point, you are still not nearly there. Oh no! Still many yards to go yet. Hold onto your seats folks who knows what is yet to come.