The Spiritual Hierachy For Our Solar System

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Hyos Ha Koidesh
The Seven Mighty Elohim The Co-Creator Council of Twelve The Seven Mighty Archangels
24 Elders before the Throne
Co-Creator Level  Co-Creator Gods
Seven Cosmic Planes Metatron Seven Cosmic Planes
Universal Logos
Galactic Logos
The Elohim Melchior The Archangels
Hercules and Amazonia Seven Great Beings who ensoul the  Michael and Faith
Apollo and Lumina Seven Stars of the Great Bear  Jophiel and Christine
Heros and Amora Logos of the Great Bear Chamuiel and Charity
Purity and Astrea Solar Logos - Helios Gabriel and Hope
Cyclopia and Virginia Vywamus Raphael and Mary
Peace and Aloha Seven Planetary Logos Uriel and Aurora
Arcturus and Victoria Three Planetary Spirits Zadekiel and Amethyst
The Lords of Karma Lord of the World Lords of Karma
Quan Yin, Pallas Athena
Goddess of Liberty

The Six Kumaras [Buddhas of Activity]

Lady Portia, Lady Nada
Overseer,Great Divine Director


Office of the Christ 

Maha Cohan
Allah Gobi Lord Maitreya  St Germain
Lord of the 1st Ray Lord of the 2nd Ray       Lord of the 3rd Ray
Cohan - Master El Morya Cohan - Master Kuthumi Cohan - Master Serapis Bey
Lord of the 4th Ray Lord of the 5th Ray Lord of the 6th Ray Lord of the 7th Ray
Master Paul the Venetian Cohan - Master Hilarion Cohans - Master Jesus
& Lady Nada
Master St Germain
Master Sixth Initiation
Adept Fifth Initiation
Arhat Fourth Initiation
Initiate Third Initiation
Disciple First & Second Initiation
Spiritual Aspirant Path of Probation
Average Human Have not yet
who are unconscious stepped onto the Path
of the connection
with their Soul
Mineral Kingdom Vegetable Kingdom Plant kingdom Animal Kingdom