Goddess Aphrodite

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Aphrodite is commonly known as the Goddess of Love or Venus
who epitomises Beauty, Romance and Love

Aphrodite is an ancient Greek/Roman Goddess who is said to have had long affair with Ares the God of War. Aphrodite's message is simple, in order to love another properly one must love oneself first.

Loving oneself can be done in many ways, ie. just giving yourself time to be you and not what others expect of you.You may just need to feel wild abandon, to dance, to walk on a beach alone feeling the sand and sea, just giving yourself time to be you. If Aphrodite calls you let her help you find your childlike innocence again, allow love and laughter fill you for the day.

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Aphrodite Essential Oils - Frankincense  Honeysuckle  Gardenia  Orange  Rose  Sandalwood

Aphrodite picture by Susan Seddon Boulet