Lord Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus Essential Oils

Sanat Kumara & Lady Venus

Sanat Kumara is known as Lord of the World

Sanat Kumara works with his Twin Flame Lady Venus shown in the picture above. Sanat Kumara's focus is Power - directing it from the Source of All. Sanat draws this Power up and distributes it, illuminating others personal power and personal boundaries. He encourages us to exercise our rights in all situations that call on us to be strong. We can use his energy revive and restore us.

Sanat is also about helping us overcome Ego, helping with our Spiritual Enlightenment and knowledge. He is a very powerful, loving energy and can be called upon during Healing work to interface between you and energy required to effect the healing process.

Sanat Kumara Necklace

Sanat Kumara's Essential Oils - Frangipani  Frankincense  Lavender  Jasmine  Neroli  Rose  Galbanum

Picture by Pamela Matthews


       Sanat Kumara
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