Goddess Brigit

Celestial Essential Oil Goddess Brigit


Brigit Goddess of Healing and Goddess of Divination

Brigit is an ancient Goddess of the Celts, British, French and is known as the Triple Fire Goddess.

In this picture Pamela Matthews has depicted her as the Swan Maiden as the swan is considered sacred because it combines the forms of the snake and bird. Brigit was made a Saint by Christianity and her name is found over the entrance to many small churches in the British Isles.

As the Triple fire Goddess she embodies the transmutation and release of all that is unnecessary in our lives, the fire of inspiration, creativity and healing, and the motivation to move into new areas as yet unexplored by us. As St Brigid the daughter of a druid, she was a healer and goldsmith and to this day welcomes the opportunity to be a part of any healing session she is asked to particpate in. Invite Brigit into your life when you need new ideas and direction.

Brigit's Necklace

Brigit Essential Oils - Roman Chamomile  Rosemary  Geranium   Lavender   Rose

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Picture of Brigit by Pamela Matthews


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