Master Saint Germain

Celestial Essentials applauds the very funny St Germaine

Saint Germaine

  Cohan of the Seventh Ray - Violet 

It is believed Saint Germaine was born in 1561 and as he grew he mastered all of the European languages. He was also a master violinist and swordsman. St Germaine was very wealthy, although no one knew how he accumulated his wealth. He was a great painter and musical conductor, he had an extensive knowledge of herbalism and master alchemist.
He founded Rosicrucianism and Freemasonary in England in a past life as Francis Bacon. He is depicted in this picture above as Merlin, another of his past lives when he was also a master alchemist.
Saint Germaine is very gentle, loving being who absolutely revels in assisting those working in any way with Alchemy, healing or spiritual counselling. He has a wonderful sense of humour can easily spark laughter during a healing session. If you need creative insight just ask Saint Germaine and the answer will come. He is also very good with psychic intervention and offering courage when we need it most. St Germain is the Twin Flame [twin love] of Lady Nada.
St Germain's Essential Oils - Frankincense  German Chamomile  Jasmine  Pine  Patchouli  Ginger
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Picture by Pamela Matthews

        St Germain
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