Spirit Guides are around You!

Celestial Essential Oils spirit guides
Spirit Guides

Your Guardian Spirit Guide is usually someone that you have had a close bond with before. They are helping you go through your learning and helping to protect you.  They are with you from the day you are born. No-one is ever alone while they are in the physical body. There are always others with you to share the experience if you allow them.

Your Guardian Spirit Guide and other Guides close to you always have your best inerests at heart, they will never make you do anything, they will merely suggest. Your Guides try to assist you with their wisdom and their experience. If you are torn between a decision and your Guide's guidance, this is not wrong, remember they are there only to offer to help and assist. You are the Master of your Destiny not your Guides.

Through the course of your lifetime, you will have several other different Guides. As your life changes, so do their functions. You will have Guides who will help with everyday life, such as driving the car, you will have Guides to help you through teaching, healing, your place of work, guides to help you get the strength to take you through emotional problems, feel happiness, and much, much more. Whatever you require, spirit will provide if it is for your Higher good, to help you with your learning, to help you with your karma, but [and this is a big but] you must also remember to ask for such help as they cannot interfere with your free will. Your Guides will come in many different forms, human shape, a ball of light, an animal, bird, rainbow, cloud. Remember they are pure Spirit which is energy so they are able to take and appear in any form. Below is an Aura Photo I had taken several years ago in which my Guardian spirit Guide appeared [in gold form] to show me how close he is to me.

Marilyn with Guide

When you experience pain, this a teaching tool spirit use. Sometimes it is used to humble certain people, by giving us the opportunity to be more gracious through suffering. Sometimes just understanding pain and why you have it lessens the pain. You need to rise above your feelings at the time of pain to be on a more spiritual level to deal with it, seeing it not merely as pain but a chance to recognise what needs to change in your life.

Passing [or death] is something that a lot of people worry about, whether it will be painful, or easy, quick or drawn out. However most of the time there is no pain involved unless it has been wished for, ie to have that experience. Although the conscious mind will probably be totally unaware of which experience the Soul has asked for.

During the transition of passing your Soul is feeling no pain. The Soul may feel some remorse at not having accomplished something more while it was here but there is no physical pain that is associated with the physical body. Your passing is no more to be feared than breathing and now I will tell you why. 

You may fear your passing because you fear there may be nothing more, the end of your 'consciousness'. You may fear passing because of retribution for all your earthly mistakes, your mistaken thoughts, your mistaken actions, your mistaken feelings. I am here to tell you none of this is SO. The God who who created you "The Soul' created you from Self, you are therefore a part of this wonderful being. This being so, all that has occured during your physical is a manifestation of all the experiences you both [ie your 'consciousness and God's consciousness'] desired to have. Therefore within each experience you had a learning and some growth. What you may regard as a negative is viewed as a necessary experience for your 'Souls' growth and Enlightenment.

Each time you come back in human form you have the opportunity for new experiences, to make better choices, to further your path towards a greater Enlightenment. Each experience impacts on others who have something to learn from the experience also. If you were unable to grasp a particular learning from an experience in that life, it does not matter because you will be given another opportunity again for understanding in the next life. WE ARE ETERNAL BEINGS. This is no race for Enlightenment, we have eternity, so lets do the best we can as we do it. We have all the time we need.

After your passing your 'Soul' rises up to the Light where you will be greeted by familiar faces so as not to alarm you. Your Guardian Spirit Guide will be with you and you will recognise and know them immediately upon passing.

Once you arrive back you rejoin your Soul Group, a group of beings who are in effect your family. You will have a time of rest and reflection then there will be some time spent with your earthly Guides and Higher Guides where you will discuss all you managed to accomplish, where you may have fallen short and what you would like to achieve next time. There will be no finger pointing at you, only discussion as to how you may help yourself better next time.

At some point, after your Soul has rested you will be asked to consider what type of life you wish to take that will best serve you in your quest towards understanding. This will be done in conference with your mentors and Guides and when it is time you will return to continue your journey of experience and enlightenment. There are several very good books on this subject and the one I recommend is "Journey of Souls" by Dr. Michael Newton, which describes the process of passing, returning to the Light, time spent there and the journey back into the physical in an easily readable form.