Maha Cohan

Celestial Essential Oils for the Maha Cohan

Maha Cohan

Maha Cohan 

 Overseer of the Cohans of the Seven Rays

One Heart At a Time

" .. How does one bring forth to a world the Teachings of the Ascended Masters? It is by contacting and winning over one heart at a time. Each heart responding to the inner call of their own God Presence will resound to the tone that will, in fact, resonate with the Cosmic Tone from the Great Central Sun. And all those Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings will hear that Tone and respond in like manner with a release of Gratitude from Their Heart, for that one who has heard the call of their God Presence and responded."

"This is a Path intended ultimately for all, but relatively few will hear the highest Cosmic Tone. Only few will respond in a given time or cycle. There are reasons for this, not unlike the contagion of the psychic plane that you have spoken of this day. However, there is also the contagion of Ascended Master Fire. And when you have the Divine Blueprint and the God Identity impressed upon the Seed of Light that goes forth from the Universal Sea of Light, that moves into space and has the momentum and has been propelled by the student of the Light, that Seed of divinely charged energy must go forth and impact all whom it contacts.

"And yet, how many are there who are sending forth by the will of their being, by the Fire and the sharpening of their visualizations, by the intent of their hearts, the pure aspect of Ascended Master Vibration? Contemplate, if you will, how many students of the Light do you know with the purest intent, that have in fact, forged through the veils of human consciousness sufficiently to release the Fires of the Heart. And then multiply that times seven, times twenty-four, times three hundred and sixty-five and consider, if you will, if that is sufficient to raise the consciousness of the planet.

"At the same time, consider those who are dabbling in all forms of lesser vibration. Then do you not see how great even one Ascended Master student’s embodiment can become? The fulfillment of even one who is determined to ignite the Fire of God upon the Altar on their Heart and resonate with that Fire then multiply that Fire with their calls, with their energy, with their momentums and talents, is a Victory indeed!

"This is the work that each of you must decide to embark upon each morning that you arise and awaken to the new day. There are those for whom it is no longer a question or a consideration. For they have chosen, over and over again, for many lifetimes to be counted among the Vanguard of Light and to move into action to bring forth the Golden Age. World Service has become such an ingrained momentum of their very lives that it is no longer even a conscious awareness, instead every action moves naturally toward that final goal.

"And yet there are others who have not quite determined which course of action to take. It is not because they would not desire to be the fullness of all that God would have them to be. It is because there yet remain momentums of human creation and the human condition. There yet remain desires of the flesh that cry out to be fulfilled. The Violet Flame is always the key and where there is even a flicker of the desire of the Heart to be the hands and feet of the Ascended Masters and most especially and most importantly your own God Presence, apply the Violet Flame, for no greater Service to Life can be rendered than to transmute your own misqualified desire patterns.

"FOR ONCE DONE, THERE IS THE PURITY! There is the vibration of your own God Presence that can in fact reach through the Heart, guided by your Holy Christ Self, and can bring forth into this physical octave the pristine Essence of God! The Violet Flame can be your key if used diligently!

"If it is not yet the time for you, know well that at a given time in the future, the Heart will be able to reach through those veils of miscreation and you will respond. For it is the Law of Being for each Lifestream, whether fulfilled in this embodiment or sometime in the future. The only concern is how long will you tarry in the human condition. Bring God and the vibration of the God Presence into your world and it will quickly become the Heaven on earth that all have long desired and now wish for this Ascended Master Activity.

"I, the Maha Chohan, stand ready to reinforce each of the Seven Rays and to support each of the Chohans, and to bring about the fullness of those releases in your world where I find true desire for God.

"Go in the Light and the fullness of all that you are capable of becoming and be Victorious."

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