Celestial Essential are proud to be New Zealand owned and operated offering only the highest grade pure Essential Oils for use in the home or work place. We carry a large range of Aromatherapy Essential Oils and Essential Oil products including a variety of Burners such as Electric Oil Burners and Tea Light Oil burners, Massage and Body Oils, Room Sprays and Perfumes, natural beauty cream and carrier oils.

Aromatherapy is the art of using Pure Essential Oils to create healing aromas in your home or place of work. Pure Essential Oils are loaded with natural healing properties which when released into the air are inhaled and instantly begin working on your physical and emotional psyche to improve your feelings and wellbeing. Blend several Essential Oils in your Electric Oil Burner for optimum health benefits, use a Carrier Oil with Pure Essential Oil and apply to your body for soft and silky smooth skin or add a few drops to a bath for a relasing pleasure.


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All Aromatherapy burners, Buddhas, Pendulums, Sterling Silver Collars


We stock  Glass Oil Burners, Electric Oil Burners and new Diffuser Humidifiers as part of our comprehensive Aromatherapy product list. Essential Oil recipes are available so view our Essential Oil pages and find Essential Oil blends to assist your daily health routine. Celestial Essential Oils carry a large range of Aromatherapy pure Essential Oils so look here for the pure Essential Oil and an oil burner that is right for you 

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We specialise in offering a few exotic Essential Oils not found elsewhere. 

Visit our large range of Essential Oils for use in your Oil BurnerBath or Massage.
Our Essential Oils are pure Aromatherapy Grade Essential Oil, only the best for your body

Celestial Essentials are located in rural Whangarei nz. We are stockists of a large range of pure essential oil and oils, carrier oil, hydrosols, electric oil burners, tealight oil burners, natural beauty cream, skin care products, aura sprays, exotic essential oils such as Gardenia, Jasmine, Hyacinth, Honeysuckle. Visit our Essential Oil pages and look for the essential oils that are right for you now. Find essential oil perfumes, aura sprays, bath and massage oil, face cream, crystals, pendulums, pendants, earrings, necklaces. 

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