Essential Oils

Celestial Essential Oils

All Essential Oils are the highest grade and supplied to us with a COA report from the overseas research science laboratories where the Essential Oils are tested for purity, authenticity, pesticides etc. 

Keep Essential Oils out of sunlight in a dark place out of reach of children. Some Oils are diluted 3% in Jojoba Oil for use as a Perfume.

  Essential Oil A-F

  Essential Oil G-L

  Essential Oil M-R

 Essential Oil S-Z

  • Essential Oils A-F nz. Basil Essential Oil mixed with Lemon is a great study blend
  • Essential Oils G-L nz.Use Lavender Essential Oil on burns after ice for rapid healing
  • Essential Oils M-R nz. Pettigrain Essential Oil for athletes is excellent with muscle aches
  • Essential Oil S-Z nz. Tea Tree Essential Oil is a natural anti-septic in your first aid kit

** Please note all 2ml Essential Oils come in 5ml bottles.

Peach Kernel Carrier Oil Neroli Hydrosol Floral Water Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Find Carrier Oils to use with your Essential Oils to apply on your body

Use Neroli Hydrosol in a spray with any of your favourite Essential Oils

Roman Chamomile is a great Essential Oil to put in your face cream

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All Essential Oils and products are to be used at the user’s discretion and no expressed or guarantee can be given
as to the effects of their use, nor liability taken
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