Christ Consciousness Activation

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Christ Consciousness Invocation

Master Jesus

When working with Master Jesus he has some favourite Essential Oils you can
use as part of your invocations and ritual. He is particularly fond of:

Pettigrain Linking with Inner Truth
Rose Assists in Union with the Divine
Vanilla For purity of thought and emotion
Frankincense Opening the mind to new ideas
Roman Chamomile Calming and reassuring


By the Grace of God and Ascended Master Jesus Christ,
may I have permission to receive the following: 

I ask for the Christ consciousness to be awakened within my body.
I ask that my “I AM” presence be consciously activated in every part
of my total being, now and for the eternal life of my Soul.

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence and Beloved Holy Christ Self,
which I AM, and which I had and used with you in the Great Central Sun
before the world was, and which I now draw into myself for use and action
for my greater freedom from all limitations and for my greater capacity
to serve my Father and the Light in all! 

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence and Beloved Holy Christ Self,
I AM asking that the atmosphere around my physical body
be now the substance of Immortal Innocence, Purity and Love
of my Higher Mental Body. I ask that my outer self be infused with the Immortal Christ Perfection of my Higher Mental Body.  I AM asking that I
be constantly raised into the full mastery and freedom of my Higher Mental Body.  

I AM that Immortal Freedom and limitless, moment by moment allow the full mastery of these powers to remove all limitations wherever I AM. 

So be it.  I love you.