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Master Hilarion

Master Hilarion Cohan of the 5th Ray - Green

The 5th Ray is the Ray of Truth, Science, Vision and Propserity. Hilarion works with Souls to help them gain Mastery in the thrid-eye chakra using the green ray qualities.

Master Hilarion ascended around the year 371 A.D. during his life as Saint Hilarion. During this life he lived as a hermit and a healer. In a previous incarnation he was the apostle Paul during which time he persecuted Christians and consented to the stoning of Saint Stephen. During his life Saint Hilarion he was able to balance this karma and he spend 20 years in the desert where he healed thousands of people just as his Master Jesus had done.

The 5th Ray is Emerald Green and resonates with Jade, Diamonds and Peridot. The 5th Ray encourages us to balance Truth and Wisdom with our everyday needs, finding our way through the minefield of propserity where we balance the necessity for money with the need to offer our support and love to those around us. We are allowed to look at the bigger picture whilst at the same time recognising our basic material needs. We do not begrudge others their journey, we simply acknowledge the divinity of ours and stand in Truth always. Turn to Ascended Master Hilarion to help find that balance in your life.

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