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Essential Oils are extracted from particular varieties of trees, flowers, herbs and grasses. There are for instance, more than 30 varieties of Lavender but for Aromatherapy Lavendula angustifolia Essential Oil is regarded as having the best therapeutic properties. The Essential Oil is concentrated in different parts of the plants at differing times of the day. Jasmine petals are collected late at night or early morning, as that is when the highest concentration of Essential Oil is in the blossom and why Jasmine smells so wonderful in the evenings.

It takes 60,000 tonnes of Rose Petals to make just 30gms of pure Essential Oil, however it only takes 4 tonnes to make 1Kg of Lavender Essential Oil. This wide disparity in quantities required for production is why really pure Essential Oils vary so much in price. Obviously real Rose Essential Oil is going to be extremely costly compared to Lavender Ess

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