Goddess Hathor

Celestial Essential Oils Hathor Egyptian Goddess

Goddess Hathor

Celestial Goddess
Goddess of Love
Goddess of Women and Motherhood
Goddess of the Dead
The Golden One
Lady of Dendera

Hathor was worshipped in Egypt for over 3,000 years. Hathor is generally depicted with Cow's horns on her head with the Eye of Ra between them. Because she was worshipped for so long she attained many names.
The Temple of Dendera in Egypt is the main temple built to honour Hathor
This temple was a place of pilgrimage where miraculous cures were effected by Hathor. Many rituals and festivals relating to the Astrological cycles were held there and within the complex is a sacred lake, a Temple to honour Isis and a brick sanatorium where divine healing was practised. Highly detailed astrological calenders are carved on the ceilings and pillars.
Hathor today is a Goddess we turn to when we have fertility or mothering issues. This part of her guise stays with us and you may call upon her when your need is great. It is Hathor's pleasure to assist in any way she can.
Hathors Essential Oils - Vanilla  Geranium  Tangerine  Clary Sage  Orange


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