Goddess Freya

Celestial Essential Oils Freya the most beautiful goddess


Freya is a Goddess from Northern Europe and the Scandinavians. Freya is said to have worked with Odin as she led the Valkyries to the battlefields to choose the fallen heroes whose souls would rest for eternity in Valhalla.

Freya is also known as the most beautiful of the Goddesses and is often depicted surrounded by cats and wearing a large amber necklace. Freya is a strong Goddess, fearless, erotic, passionate and magical.

As you can see from this picture of her, Freya was not ashamed of her form, in fact she urges you to love the body your Creator has given you in this lifetime, accept all its faults, see its beauty, revel in who you are, exactly as you are. If you have a partner, unveil yourself, show your divinity and uniqueness, being in your body is your gift from the Creator. Stand tall, ruffle a few feathers, know your inner beauty far outshines the outer.

Freya encourages you to follow your bliss, go on a journey, whether it is to find you or to explore new places feeling yourself more alive than you have for a long time.
No need to hold back wating for another day, today is the day.

Freya Essential Oils - Cypress  Elemi  Frangipani  Lemongrass  Jasmine  Lotus  Rosewood

Freya necklace 1

Freya Necklace 2

Picture by Hrana Janto from the Goddess oracle deck



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