Perfection, breaking it down

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Letting Go Of Perfection

The more you become aware of yourself and seek to improve yourself the more aware you become of your imperfections and the way you create negative experiences in your life, than you were before you actively began your spiritual work.

This makes the imperfections of physical life difficult to accept. When we are doing spiritual work, we are constantly moving from one level of consciousness to another. At the higher levels, this work is full of light and bliss. But when we come down into the physical level and try to integrate what we have experienced, it is sometimes even more difficult for us to accept the imperfections of our humanness.  It is most difficult to live in a physical, finite reality and to know at the same time, that our greater reality is infinite. It is most difficult to feel our fear and on a higher level know that there is no need for that fear or to feel confusion in our mind and to know on a higher level of our being that we are already clarity and light.

It is difficult to be told that the material world is an expression of the Divine, is in fact Divine, and yet see the chaos, anger and hatred that exists in the world. The way to do this is through self-love and through the acceptance of the Universe as it is, of our lives as they exist in this Universe, and knowing that always that there is always a higher reason for everything that occurs. When this broad aspect of acceptance is incorporated into your conscious mind and into your conscious living, then you will find progress to be very rapid indeed.

When we get to know the deeper self, commune with it, identify with it and find its divinity, then we find that a health body is an expression of that deeper self. We find that wherever the illness is in the body is where we have not allowed the deeper divine self to express itself.  It is where we are most confused between the real self and the imposter and have allowed the imposter to reign. It is where we have allowed the vicious cycle of self-hatred to spin its web.

Our emotional relationship with ourselves is found in the second level of the auric field, the Emotional Body. The second level carries our positive and negative feelings about ourselves. It is the negative feelings about ourselves that cause lots of problems. The energy and consciousness associated with negative feelings in the second level of the Aura are of a nature that is contrary to life. As we hold this energy consciousness by not allowing our negative emotions to flow it has the effect of lowering the vibrational frequency causing stagnation. The stagnation then effects the first level of the Aura, the Etheric Body, blocking the life force energy flow to the physcial body.

After this occurs we then transfer some of ths energy consciousness to the Mental level of the Aura for dissipation.  There, the negtative energy is expressed as self-judgement.  The self-judgement then suppresses the feelings even more. This creates a negative feedback loop which compresses the Second level of the Aura, reducing its frequency to below what is healthy for life. This will then cause an emotional depression in the person affected.

          excerpt from:     - The Sacred Path

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