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About Celestial Essential Oils

Celestial Essentials - Essential Oils and Aromatherapy in New Zealand

Hi, Im Marilyn and I am blessed to be able to offer the Essential Oils, Electric Oil Burners,  Jewelry and other products listed on this site. The Aromatherapy products are all handmade with 100% Natural Ingredients, no chemicals, preservatives or additives. I have been working with Essential Oils for over 20 years and the aromas are still as wonderful as the day I started

Essential Oils were historically used by the Atlanteans and the Egyptians for healing and spiritual enlightenment making the art of Aromatherapy quite ancient. We all know aroma can instantly access memories and emotions but aroma can also assist the healing and balancing of present and past events which maybe holding us back from realising our true essence.

Celestial Essentials has further evolved with the creation of crystal jewellery pieces designed by the Masters and Goddesses to bring their energy and wisdom to the person wearing their piece. They take great delight in assisting and guiding you on your spiritual journey, helping you deal with the physical and spiritual experiences of your life.