Crystal Pendants and Rings

Code Description Price Buy
Amber Cross Pendant
NZ$ 325.00
Amber Sterling Silver Pendant
NZ$ 325.00
Blue Stone Pendant
NZ$ 18.00
NZ$ 9.00
Blue Tigers Eye with Multi Crystals
Blue Topaz Cross Pendant
NZ$ 99.00
NZ$ 49.00
Blue Topaz Pendant Fancy
NZ$ 145.00
NZ$ 75.00
Chaorite Pendanat
NZ$ 475.00
NZ$ 425.00
Citrine Faceted Ring
NZ$ 395.00
NZ$ 295.00
Citrine Ring - Beer
NZ$ 1,900.00
NZ$ 1,295.00
Diocrohic Glass Pendant
NZ$ 87.00 EA
NZ$ 39.00 EA
Fluorite Pendant - Green
NZ$ 35.00
NZ$ 18.00
Fluroite Pendant - Marquee
NZ$ 25.00
NZ$ 15.00
Garnet Pendant Sterling Silver lge
NZ$ 145.00
NZ$ 75.00
Garnet Pendant Sterling med
NZ$ 89.00
NZ$ 49.00
Howlite Cross Pendant
NZ$ 25.00
NZ$ 18.00
Howlite Pendant - White
NZ$ 26.00
NZ$ 12.00
Lapis Lazuli & Blue Topaz Pendant
NZ$ 275.00
NZ$ 140.00
Lapis Lazuli Cabachon
NZ$ 39.00
NZ$ 24.00
Lapis Lazuli Square Set pendant
NZ$ 99.00
NZ$ 65.00
Magnificent Chaorite Pendant
Moonstone drop Pendant
NZ$ 125.00 EA
NZ$ 75.00 EA
Opal Pendant - Brown Blue Gold Boulder
NZ$ 95.00 EA
NZ$ 49.00 EA
Peridot Pendant Sterling med
NZ$ 89.00
Purple Titanium Cave Pendant
NZ$ 495.00
NZ$ 395.00
Turquoise Pendant Oval
NZ$ 195.00 EA
NZ$ 125.00 EA
Turquoise Pendant Silver Fingers
NZ$ 325.00
NZ$ 195.00
Turquoise Pendant Sterling Silver
NZ$ 395.00 EA
NZ$ 275.00 EA
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