Karma and Learning

Celestial Essential Oil learning about karma
Karma and Lessons

When you have returned to Spirit and go through your life's experiences with your Guides you study how you handled situations, whether you could do it better, how else you could do it differently that would lead to your higher learning. You are studying your life experiences and their effects on yourself and others. You try to understand the reason behind your actions and get a true perspective of what really happened, why you acted or reacted to a situation and to keep learning so as not to repeat the same errors in the next re-incarnation. You amass great knowledge of lessons to be learnt and karma to be dealt with. You learn many things about dealing with human nature and about the problems you had to face, about the problems you will be facing, and from this you will learn to grow and expand.

Some of the problems you will have to take with you into the next life so as to deal with them again, but hopefully differently. Others you can deal with while on the other side. Your problems may be just be having to make decisions, how to handle relationships, learning to speak up for yourself, learning not to let people manipulate you, etc.

When you go through something on Earth, whether it be good or not good, the important thing is YOUR ATTITUDE and the way you accept it and deal with it. For example, how do you handle defeats or victories? How do you deal with situations and problems? How do you accept failures? All of these things are the sum total of who you are!  Self-deception is one of the biggest issues we deal with as it is difficult for people to look honestly at themselves and to be honest with others. We make excuses for our behaviour and why we do things, justify it, and twist it to suit ourselves until we have lost all truth of the context.

Earth is regarded as a teaching planet and we choose to come here in order to progress a lot quicker. The lessons may be more difficult here but if you do learn them the spiritual reward of enlightenment is worth it. You are the sum total of all your experiences, how you have lived and how you have handled every situation in this life and other lives. The people you associate with, love, hate,  and have friendships with are people you have met in other lifetimes as well. You have come back together again to work things out and assist each other in your experiences and growth.

Have you noticed how when someone you know has to cope with a life threatening illness. Firstly it affects everyone around them in some way. Secondly how that person deals with the illness and faces their life. Many of the people who are ill often try keep those who love them in a good frame of mind, as they see them struggling to cope with them during their illness. Here we see true heroism in these people as they cope with their illness, they teach those around them how to cope also.


Karma is the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, where everything both good and not so good must be repaid or balanced out. For instance if you harmed or killed someone in a previous life, it must be repaid or balanced out. If you were obsessed with money over love, if you were harmed or maimed, it all must be balanced out or repaid. Sometimes the situation in the current life will be reversed, or the situation will be simply be repeated until you grasp it. Have you ever noticed how a situation will keep repeating itself in your life every few years, the scenario might be slightly different each time, but the underlying emotions and lessons are similar?

Say that perhaps that we do a great wrong to someone or to many during our life. Then in the next life we may have to come back and serve them, to repay our debt, or have a thankless life in servitude to begin to repay the many who suffered because of our actions. No action goes unnoticed. No kind word or thought goes unnoticed. Sometimes our mind will reconcile our actions but our heart knows the Truth. We ignore our heart at great peril to our Soul. Let your heart be your guide not your mind.

Sometimes the people you have chosen to incarnate with are here with you to work out karma. For example, within a family there may be deep rifts between parents and children, or siblings etc. This is because in a past life there were serious relationship problems and they have all agreed to come back and work it out in this life but things are still not being handled well.

When you have a particular feeling about something it is generally your subconcsious subtly reminding you of a certain aspect of karma you are here to correct. So with say, a parent/child relationship, you need to delve into why you feel the way you do about each other and when you know why, you can start correcting the emotion behind it. We come back to correct emotions, to pay or collect karma we accumulated in other life times.

There is a saying 'What goes around comes around'. Very true! We need to be our own judge and jury. We have to decide what is appropriate behaviour for ourselves and what is not. We must decide what is acceptable for ourselves and what is not. Just because Mr Jones is doing it does not make it right. Mr Jones will have his own karma to work through. When we transgress any Universal Law there will be a consequence whether in this life time or the next, it will happen. In fact we spend quite a lot of our lives sifting through falsehoods propogated by others, who are spinning to their own benefit.

You must try to find the Truth for yourself. This does not necessarily mean it will be the Truth for others around you, and you must accept this. It is not an easy path to be different. Standing up and saying 'No'' to an accepted Truth when you have found it in your heart not to be so, will not be easy but it will serve you better to do so.