Lady Mary

Celestial Essential Oils for Lady Mary

Lady Mary 

 Mother of Jesus 

One of Mary's incarnations was during the times of Atlantis where as a Priestess she studied in the Temple of Truth and served under the Masters of Truth. In all her incarnations Mary worked closely with her twin flame, Archangel Raphael.
Although not a lot is known about her other incarnations it is through her incarnation as Mary, the mother of Jesus that she is best recognised. 
Mary is the archetype Mother and wishes to bestow great blessing upon all who call for her. It is her greatest desire to fill you with inner peace and harmony, so that you may feel true beauty within, love for yourself and love for All. Mary wishes you nothing less thant true happiness and will help you all she can.
Mary's Essential Oils - Galbanum  Frangipani  Lemongrass  Pettigrain  German Chamomile
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Picture painted by Pamela Matthews
Note: I do not personally believe Mary is a Master yet. In fact I believe Mary is incarnated right now having her last life [quietly] studying to become a Master. So, Mary if you ever read this, I know its hard but you can do this - go girl.


         Lady Mary
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