Master Jesus

Master Jesus visits Celestial Essential Oils NZ

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Master Jesus

Master Jesus works as World Teacher in the Higher Realms

Unconditional Love
Manifestation and unconditional forgiveness

Healing of all types


Divine guidance and faith

Master Jesus is a great healer and teacher who works closely with the Maha Cohan, Lord Maitreya and Commander Ashtar. His mission as World Teacher is to encourage all who call upon him for assistance, to guide all those involved in the Healing arts and at times to use them as a channel to direct the healing himself.
Within the realms of healing he counsels all those requiring not just hands-on healing but assistance with their thoughts and feelings. He works studiously in this direction giving to those who ask the opportunity to see past the illusion to the Truth of All things. No problem is deemed too small or large, so ask his assistance from your heart in all matters. He will help, of that you can be sure. Look for the small ways in which he will show you how he has helped or guided you.
A4 or Poster size picture of 'The Living Christ'  Other Products:Master & Goddess Pictures

Picture of 'The Living Christ' painted by Pamela Matthews a NZ artist

Opening Picture of Jesus by Nanette Crist


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