Lady Nada

Celestial Essential Oils for Lady Nada

Lady Nada 

Lady Nada Cohan of the Sixth Ray - Ruby 

Lady Nada was a Priestess in the Temple of Divine Love during the time of Atlantis. At this time it is said Lady Nada oversees another etheric Temple above Lake Titicaca in Peru. Lady Nada is a member of the Karmic Board and works for peace, justice, freedom and devotion to the Source of All.
Lady Nada always comes to you with unconditional love and can assist with intuition and psychic abilities. She is devoted to those entering into healing work or needing healing. She inspires action with the purest intent no matter what opposition may be encountered along the way. Love is her message. Lady Nada and Saint Germaine are Twin Flames.
 Lady Nada's Essential Oils - Orange  Patchouli  Rose  Cedarwood  Elemi  Gardenia

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Picture by Pamela Matthews


        Lady Nada
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