Master El Morya

Celestial Essential oils Master El Morya
Master El Morya

Master El Morya is Cohan of the First Ray - Blue

El Morya is a member of the Great White Brotherhood and is connected to the Temple of the Will of God.
He is head of all esoteric schools.
El Morya helps direct those wishing to achieve self-awareness so that they may learn how to express their deep inner thoughts and feelings. He also helps one to control will power and tolerance when life seems difficult. He takes an interest in those working with astrology and numerology and happily offers his influence in these areas.
El Morya had many lives of influence including being one of the 24 leaders who led the people of Atlantis to form new civilisations. He was one of the Three Wise Men of the East. He is also reputed to have been King Arthur who worked with the Knights of the Round Table to seek the Holy Grail and attain initiation to the inner mysteries of Christ. In his last incarnation he was born a Rajput Prince in India and known as El Morya Khan as depicted in his picture above.
El Morya is a long time friend of Master Kuthumi and Saint Germaine who incarnated with him as Merlin. In 1898 El Morya Khan ascended to the Heart of God.
El Morya will assist you in the breaking down of the Ego so that your Higher Self can guide and lead you to becoming an Initiate of the Will. El Morya is known as a great teacher of the 10 Universal Laws and will gently guide you through processes required to understand and live within these Laws. As the Master of the First Ray of Will he may introduce you to new ideas and energies.
El Morya Essential Oils - Frankincense  Grapefruit  Pettigrain  Sandalwood  Violet
In this picture El Morya is depicted during his time in Atlantis.
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Picture by Pamela Matthews
Opening picture of El Morya by Nanette Crist


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