Master Djwal Khul

Celestial Essential Oils Djwhal Khul
Master Djwal Khul

Ascended Master Djwal Khul is often known as The Tibetan or Master D.K.

Djwal Khul's name became widely known through the work of Alice Bailey and although a comparatively modest figure he describes himself as an Abbott of a Tibetan monastery and the spiritual teacher of a large group of Lamas.  Djwal Khul is an Initiate of the Sixth Degree and an advanced disciple in the Ashram of Master Kuthumi.
In one of his past lives he is reputed to be one of the Three Wise Men and another as Johann Sebastian Bach.
This Tibetan Master works with Healing Angels to resolve some of the health problems affecting humanity. He also likes to direct his energies and inspiration toward those who are channelling healing energy and are dedicated to this type of work.
Djwal Khul's Essential Oils - Sandalwood  Rose  Cedarwood  Jasmine  Lemongrass  May Chang
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