Trust - The Hardest Thing To Do

Celestial Essential Oils talking on spiritual trust

So you are now a fully aware being. You know you are a spiritual being having a human experience. You know you must live your life in the flow of all things and accept the experiences that are given to you for your spiritual and physical growth. You believe you Trust in the presence of ALL in all things. Do YOU really?  Are you really sure?

Do you truely believe that God or your Creator [however you wish to perceive] is ALL things? Yes you say!! Good. However now we will test you on a few things, on how much you really do TRUST and how much you really believe that ALL is GOD.

What happens to us when we are given an experience that stretches our emotions, our minds, our hearts. Most often we will revert to how we have always reacted during our life, how we have traditionally perceived everything. We may temporarily leave our Creator out of the picture whilst we try to resolve this new situation ON OUR OWN. Our new reality might struggle to remind us of our new TRUTHS, whilst our mind and emotions use their old tools to cope with it.

You may keep getting glimpses of the Truth you prefer to live by, but the mind will keep working to suppress this and put you back to whence you once were.  How have you always reacted when confronted with this type of situation, have you reacted in the same way again, have you managed to put a new spin on it, not allowing the old-self to re-assert itself, but to change the way you react, speak, and feel. So you have managed to Trust the in the Creator and the need to use this Trust to carry you through to the next level. Perhaps it was necessary for the mind and emotions to take back some control in order to test your ability to cope in a new way! And you succeeded. Congratulations.

The experience is not about God picking on you AGAIN. Of course not, you know this. So you Trust that God is giving you this, yet again it may seem, for a very good reason. For you to learn from. For you to grow through. For you to Trust that you will find out things about yourself that you have been hidding from yourself for a very, very long time.

Now you will let the outcome just be the outcome, whether it is to your favour or anothers. The outcome will just be! Perfect. Trust! So you have been practising this for sometime now and just when you feel you are getting a handle on it, along comes something to try you out again. This is good. Each experience solidifies our position, it challenges us to stand in Trust, and even though we may wobble from time to time, we still get stronger in our position of Trust in our Creator. The trick is also not to punish ourselves if we do wobble. Wobble is good, it motivates us to stand stronger and try harder, it gives us our strength in adversity. You learn more about yourself as go through these experiences of Trust. You recognise old patterns of relating and ingrained ways that you have been practising all you life on how to react. You may see yourself in a new light.

Anytime we are given the opportunity to Trust the journey, Trust the experience, Trust God, we learn great things about ourselves. You may have a part of yourself you have been reviewing for many years, perhaps trying to heal and learn from a major experience, such as a health issue, family loss, financial loss, divorce etc. It can be an on-going journey within to realise all the factors that came into play at that time. And even after many years you will still find things that have been so deeply ingrained that you didn't recognise them, but God will bring them into play again so that you have another chance to see how you react, see how you deal with it, and to see how you have developed your ability to be completely honest with youself and others. So again you must Trust the journey, Trust the experience, Trust God and now Trust Yourself.

This is the key, you must Trust Yourself. This part of your journey is about Trusting what you have always known, but kept hidden from yourself through fear. But what is there to be afraid of? Nothing? Remember the journey is God's journey with you, therefore, there is nothing to fear but fear itself.