Goddess Ixchel

Celestial Essential Oils for Ixchel Medicine Woman

Goddess Ixchel

Ix Chel was worshipped by the Maya of the Yucatan peninsula on Cozumel. Known as the Moon or Snake Goddess she helps assure fertility by holding the sacred womb jar upside down so that the waters of creation can be ever flowing. Ix Chel also presides over healing, health, magic, sexuality, water and childbirth. The dragonfly is her special animal. When she was almost killed by her grandfather for becoming the Sun's lover, the dragonfly sang over her until she was well.   Taken from The Goddess Oracle - Amy Sophia Marashinsky

Goddess Ixchel Necklace

Ixchel's Essential Oils - Lavender  Galbanum  Bay Laurel  Roman Chamomile  Tea Tree  Rosemary




        Essential Oils

Lavender Essential Oil
Bay Laurel Essential Oil
Bay Laurel
Tea Tree Essential Oil
Tea Tree
Galbanum Essential Oil
Roman Chamomile Essential Oil
Rosemary Essential Oil