Electric Wax & Oil Burners

Electric Burners for Essential Oils and Wax Melts

are a safe, clean and efficient way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits and aromas of pure undiluted Essential Oil

Rose Electric Oil Burner for Essential Oils


Electric Burners are designed to maximize the efficiency of Essential Oils operating at a constant minimal temperature and eliminating the need to add water. The top of the vaporizer bowl is the only part to emit heat; the body of the burner always remains cool to touch and is safe to handle even when electrical power is turned on. When left on continuously the burner will not overheat and no harm can occur even if all the Oil has vaporized. There is no residual burning aroma after the Essential Oil has been vaporized and these Electric Oil Burners costs less than 30c a week to run 24 hours a day.

Colours may vary slightly

Celestial Essential Electric Oil Burners are rated electrically certified safe and recommended in family environments, hospices, rest homes, healing and massage rooms, beauty therapy salons, shops; anywhere where a beautiful and therapeutic aroma is desired


Rated at less than 4 watts of power

Fully insulated internal wiring system

Natural insulation characteristics of ceramic

Simply plug in to a standard electric outlet and allow 15 minutes to reach full temperature. Add 8 –10 drops of your favourite Essential Oils to the bowl and enjoy. Use only pure Essential Oils. Oils diluted in carrier oil will not vaporize [this means Essentials Oils in Jojoba].

Code Description Price Buy
Chocolate Electric Oil Burner
NZ$ 69.90 EA
Lavender Electric Oil Burner
NZ$ 69.90
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