Crystal Quickies is a short guide to some of our favourite crystals

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Agate - Moss Working with nature kingdom
Amethyst Dislodges other peoples thought forms.
  Releasing old patterns and stopping them re-instating
Apopholite Connection to the Angel Soul Star
Key to the Angelic Kingdom
Aquamarine Stimulates new levels of spiritual awareness
Azurite Pushes creative abilites
Calcite - Golden Excellent for mediation & attuning to higher planes
Carnelian Creating the environment which offers you the most comfort
Celenite Aligns skeletal system through to outer body
Celestite Opening to higher knowledge and making it physical
Chalcedony Promoting general good will, generosity and receptivity
Chaorite Stone of transformation. When one door closes another door opens
Chinese Jade Peace and good fortune
Chrysocolla Bringing through higher knowledge
Chrysoprase Opens heart to understanding and clarity after a relationship breakup
Clear Quartz Raises energy to the highest possible level
Citrine Brings empowerment and abundance
Coral Quiets emotions and brings more inner peace
Diamond Fills the void and enhances manifestation of abundance in all areas
Fluorite Invites life into the Third Eye to experience clairvoyance
Fushite & Zoesite Good for those working with healing and herbs
Garnet Energising [for low energy]
Howlite Encourages subtlety and tact
Hyperstein Can offer quick answers to problems
Jasper Courage
Kunzite Removing obstacles, negativity whilst raising ones vibration
Kyanite Speaking your truth. Opens Hypothalamus and allows one to possibly channel their higher Self
Labradorite Inner messages and clarity from dreams
Lapis Lazuli Ancient knowledge, awareness and assistance from higher realms
Lepidolite Self reflection, balance and stress reduction
Malacite Clears and activates the chakras
Mica Reflecting on what you need to learn
Moldavite Direct access to higher dimensions
Moonstone To enhance psychic abilities, bringing strong intuition and perception
Obsidian Cellular memory clearing. Brings clarity to the mind
Opal Strengthen memory and invoke visions
Peridot Moving from limiting conditions and forging new
possibilites. Use when change is needed
Prehnite Spiritual development. Useful for decluttering
Pyrite Shielder. Sets up a vibrational frequency in your field to stop anything negative not compatible with you
Rhodocrosite Excellent for the heart and relationships
Rose Quartz Brings peacefulness and calm to relationships
Ruby Follow your bliss
Sapphire Stone of prosperity. Psychic, intuitive, astral
Smokey Quartz Dissolves negative, emotional blockages
Snowflake Obsidian Shamanic journeying
Sugilite Represents the perfection of spiritual love
Tigers Eye - Blue Brings light into the throat. Calming and helps release stress
Tigers Eye - Red & Gold Passion, also speeds up a low metabolism
Topaz Considered to bring health and wealth to the wearer
Brings body, mind, spirit into perfect alignment with the universe
Tourmaline - Black Connecting to the Earth Star. Grounding
Tourmaline - Green Balance
Tourmaline - Watermelon Balance between the male and female energies
Turquoise Speaking from your heart
Zircon Stone of virtue