Kwan Yin Perfume

Kwan Yin Perfume
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Kwan Yin

Goddess of Unconditional Love

 Kwan Yin is a Master of Unconditional Love, Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness.
Kwan Yin always asks you for call upon her in times of need. Her energy is one of the most gentle and what ever you ask for she will endeavour to bring it to completion in the most favourable way for all concerned. In fact so often the outcome is nothing like we even imagined. So leave it to Kwan Yin to
solve any situation that you are struggling with and be delighted at how it is resolved.

This blend is created with Pure Certified Essential Oils, Camelia Carrier Oil and contains the Crystal Chinese Jade to enhance the softness and sincerity of what is to come.


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