How To Use Essential Oils

How to use Essential OilsHow to Use Essential Oils
Always check to make sure there are no contra-indications before using pure Essential Oils

Relaxing Bath with Essential Oils

Lotion with Essential Oils

Use Candles with Essential Oils

Compress with Essential Oils

Vaporiser with Essential Oils

Inhalation using Essential Oil


Essential Oils are perfume

put Essential Oils on potpourri

Room Spray with Essential Oils



Add 6 - 10 drops of Essential Oil to a bath of water [adults only]. The quantity may vary according to the depth and size of the bath.  If this is for children aged between 5 - 12 use half the adult quantity or less. Do not use with babies or toddlers without speaking to an Aromatherapist. 


Body Lotion or Oil

If you have a preferred unscented body lotion or body oil you might like to add some favourite Essential Oil to enhance and assist your natural health. Add between 25 - 30 drops per 500ml of lotion or oil. 



After you have lit the candle or candles wait for the wax to begin to melt and then drop 2 - 3 drops of Essential Oil into the melted wax making sure you don't get any on the wick or it may pop or flash.



Use a clean hand towel and wrap some ice in it with the towel double folded over the ice. Inside the first fold, in the middle of the towel where it will touch the affected area, put 2 - 3  drops of the chosen Essential Oil. Pull the outer layer of the towel back up so that the essential oils do not directly touch the skin but are on the inner layer of the towel and apply to the area concerned.


Diffuser/Electric Oil Burner

With an Electric Oil Burner that doesn't require water you wait for 15 mins for it to heat up before adding your Essential Oil. You can use 1 or more Essential Oils to create a blend and aroma of your choosing. Use between 6 - 12 drops in your burner depending on the strength of aroma you desire.



Essential Oils are a blessing to use when colds and flu are upon us. Fill a bowl half way with hot water. Put a towel over the head, add 1 drop of the chosen Essential Oil and lower the head over the bowl with the towel around. Always breathe in through the mouth and out through the nose.



One of the most wonderful ways to enjoy Essential Oils is through massage, either by visiting an Aromatherapist or working with a partner or spouse. You will need a good quality Carrier Oil such as Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba, Avocado or Sweet Almond Oil. For every 20ml of Carrier Oil add a total 6 - 10 drops of different Essential Oils.



To make your own basic perfume, you will need an alcohol or natural oil base as Essential Oil is too potent to apply directly onto your skin. High proof vodka will serve as the alcohol or ethyl alcohol. If you have 50 drops of alcohol you can add 15 -20 drops of pure Essential Oil.



You can breathe new life into old Potpourri by adding a few of your favourite Essential Oils. Sprinkle over a few drops and mix the potpourri around, then cover for a week or so to allow the oils to intermingle.


Room Spray

Fill your water bottle up half way with warm [not hot] water and add 4-5 drops of Essential Oil for every cup of water[250ml]. Shake and mist into the air making sure you don't go near wooden furniture.

There are many different way to use essential oils. Visit the essential oil pages here to find the essential oil for your requirements. Essential Oil can heighten the mood, act as an aphrodisiac for a romantic sexual encounter. Absolute Essential Oils such as Gardenia have a highly exotic and sultry fragrance whilst also acting as a natural aphrodisiac. Apply Gardenia to your wrists or blend in a carrier oil and use in a massage or as a body oil.