'Order of the Rose'

'The Order of The Rose'

All these necklaces have come through from the ladies of 'The Order of the Rose'. This order was new to me but I am told they are all Lady Masters and not just of this planet but from many places in the Universe and as such some of their names will not necessarily be pronouncable by us. However I have been given a few names of the Ladies who we are more familiar with. These Ladies come to us as we forge ahead with our purpose of creating more of The Divine Feminine, to take humanity forward [and yet back] to a balanced culture of equality between all races and both sexes. If you feel drawn to one of these beautiful hand made pieces then it will be these Ladies calling you.

Each of these stunning new necklaces are unqiue, no two are created the same. Their prime beads are beautifully hand crafted Porcelain flowers, strung on waxed cord and are combined with any of the following:

Handcrafted Glass Beads, Genuine Crystals such as Rose Quartz, Agate, Howlite, Amethyst, Coral. The may also contain Pandora style beads, French Cloisonne beads, Indian Kashmiri beads, Italian handmade glass or Murano beads, Silver & Gold Leaf beads and pendants, Glass and Shell Pearls, 24K Gold Leaf beads, Swarovski Crystals, Metal Rhondelles and beads, Fibre beads, Sterling Silver beads, Paua Shell.

Some of the necklace lengths are adjustable and others I may be able to adjust to suit your neck line.

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