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We carry a variety of Sterling Silver & 9ct Gold Crystal Pendants, unique crystal Bracelets and Necklaces,
pearl and crystal Earrings, Sterling Silver Collars and Omegas, bling Crosses and heart Necklaces,
Porcelain flower Necklaces inspired by the "The Order of the Rose"

Full range of jewellery from bling heart necklaces to Diamonds and Sapphires we will have what you are looking for. Affordable Rose Quartz Hearts, Lemon Quartz and Diamond Ring Amethyst 9ct Gold Ring Crystal Pendants set in 925 Sterling Silver Beautiful faceted Crystal bracelets set in fine polished 925 Sterling Silver Amber pendants Amber Bracelet Amber Necklaces Amethyst Necklace Amethyst Pendants Peridot Earrings Moldavite Pendant Ruby Pendant Sterling

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