Master Perfume

Master Goddess Perfume

This Ascended Master & Goddess range of Perfume Oils come in a purse sized Roll-On bottle. Each Perfume, divinely guided by either the Master or Goddess, is made with Certified Essential Oils in a Carrier Oil with different Crystals added to enhance the energetic connection.

Are you interested in Essential Oils? Essential Oils hold the DNA of the plant they come from and have very healing properties, physical, mental and emotional. Consider using Essential Oils in an Oil burner to achieve wonderful ambience and aroma in your home or office.
Kwan Yin perfume in a roll-on perfume bottle smells beautiful Master Jesus Perfume if you wish to draw him closer to help with issues you are struggling with in your life

Pure Essential Oils, Absolute exotic essential oil, carrier oil, hydrosols, electric oil burners, tealight oil burners, natural skin care, natural perfume made with pure essential oil, these are a part of the full Aromatherapy range at Celestial Essentials supplier of pure essential oils in Auckland New Zealand. We stock a large seletion of fine crystal jewellery incuding bracelets, crystal pendants, earrings and necklaces.

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as to the effects of their use, nor liability taken
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Jasmine Hydrosol
We now stock your favourite Hydrosols in 200ml bottles. Neroli, Jasmine, Rose, Geranium, Roman Chamomile. Visit Aromatherapy to find hydrosols now
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