Master Serapis Bey A4 Print

Master Serapis Bey A4 Print
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Serapis Bey

Cohan of the 4th Ray - White

Master Serapis Bey holds the ascension door open in the Temple of Ascension on the etheric level in the Pyramid at Luxor, Egypt. Serapis Bey is depicted in this picture during his Atlantean life.

Serapis Bey was a High Priest in the ascension temple on Atlantis more than 11,500 years ago. He was also the Egyptian pharoah Amenhotep III in 1417 -1379 B.C. He bought Egypt to its height of diplomatic prestige, prosperity and peace. His extensive building of monuments, palaces and temples included construction of the Temple at Luxor which was built to correspond to the outline of the human skeletal framework. Careful studies of its architecture have revealed tha the entire temple explains many secret functions of the organs and nerve centres.   more

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