Pallas Athena Perfume

Pallas Athena Perfume
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Pallas Athena

Inner Power and Mastery

Pallas Athena welcomes you with open arms to her palace of intellectual Mastery of the mind and emotions. Pallas Athena has a great drive to push you beyond your known limits, for you to seek your inner knowing and power, to find the hidden secrets that are really ancient knowledge coded within your DNA. She strives to show you these inner powers that you possess and will keep you moving forward towards your destination.

This blend is created with Pure Certified Essential Oils, Camelia Carrier Oil and fragrant perfume oil. It is also empowered with the crystals Fluorite to bring balance to the pursuit of you.

Pallas Athena Jewellery

Pallas Athena picture painted by Pamela Matthews


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