El Morya Perfume

El Morya Perfume
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El Morya

Energetic and Psychic Awareness 

El Morya offers Psychic and Energetic protection and awareness. El Morya was one of the 24 Masters who led the people of Atlantis to form new civilisations. He comes to you to assist the breaking down of the Ego so that your Higher Self can again guide you and lead you to becoming an Initiate of the Will. El Morya is a great teacher of the 10 Universal Laws and will gently guide you through these processes on your journey. He works with the First Ray of Will and he may introduce you to new ideas and energies.

This blend contains Pure Certified Essential Oils, Almond Carrier Oil and the crystal Blue Lace Agate to enhance the pale blue colour a spirit attains as they draw closer on their journey to Mastery.


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