Reiki Master Teacher

L y n n    S u s a n    B o n d

Reiki Master-Teacher 

  • Clairvoyant/Medium
  • Numerologist/Encryptologist
  • Independent Marriage Celebrant
  • Lynn BondFuneral Celebrant

Lynn teaches from her home on Auckland’s Hibiscus Coast, and holds workshops as one-on-one, or with a group.  

1st Degree is conducted over 2 days.    2nd and 3rd Degree’s  are completed in one day.  

Please contact Lynn directly for the fee for this service

Reiki Master-Teacher

In July 1998, Lynn became a Reiki Healing Practitioner, 1st Degree, and that was just the beginning! Having discovered the many benefits of Reiki, - ‘an energy with its own innate intelligence, which heals on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Lynn then went on to complete both 2 Degree and then her 3 Degree Reiki before the end of that year.

By July 2000, Lynn had come full circle on that journey to gain the position of Reiki Master- Teacher. To put it down in her own words-

"The whole experience was life changing for me.  It started a whole new way of living for me and showed me that not only was I able to help others heal and to ultimately be able to heal themselves, I too began my own personal healing journey, which was an aspect of my previous healing work that I felt was missing."

Also available - 1 hour healing sessions, which includes full body healing and/or Chakra Balancing. 

Please contact Lynn for further information, to book a training course and discuss the charges, see her contact details at the bottom of the page.

"My wish is for all students to experience the way of self-healing as I experienced it."


Lynn is asked “how long have you been talking with dead people?”, she has a simple answer –

“I was born like it!. However, I would probably describe myself more as Spiritual Guidance Counselor than a ‘fortune teller.”

Apart from speaking with Spirit, she also uses numerology and tarot in her Readings and Lynn does her one hour readings from her home on Auckland’s Hibiscus Coast, and is also open to traveling to your home to hold a ‘Day of Readings” for 4 or more of your friends. 

She can also be seen at various Mystical Fayres being held in the Auckland/North Shore area and no doubt, conducting 30 minute seminars on any of the subjects she loves talking about!  

Please contact Lynn directly for the fee for this service.  


Lynn is trained in Numerology and Encryptology (2002) and she brings in further insights to any reading that she conducts.  By using the full birth name and date of birth of a client, she ‘tunes in’ to a much deeper level to that person and what is happening in their life at that time, and also, what the past has brought them to at that particular point in time.

"It's amazing how much I can get from spirit just by writing the name of my client!” 

Please contact Lynn directly for the fee for this service.         

Independent Marriage Celebrant

Another passion of Lynn’s is the use of her creative thinking to help weave in that specialness that is unique and personal to the wedding ceremony. Spending time with a couple, drawing them out of themselves to tell her their thoughts and feelings, she brings magic to their special day.

Lynn has also been a Civil Union Celebrant since 2004 and now with the changes in the Marriage Act [2013] for "same sex" marriages, Lynn has now been officially appointed an Independent Marriage Celebrant which legally allows her to perform marriage ceremonies for all persons wishing their partnership with another to be joined in marriage.

“And there is always plenty of humour and tears of expressed emotion and joy - from everyone, me included”! 

Please contact Lynn directly to ask for the fee for this service

Funeral Celebrant

Again, having the privilege to spend time with the family of a deceased loved one, allows Lynn to weave a very special ceremony which encompasses the life that was lived and a story to be told. 

Lynn brings empathy to her services and with some of those special life stories, with some well placed humour and shared songs, the service is creatively unique to that person. 

"And, more often than not, a lot of interjection comes from the deceased themselves having safely arrived on the ‘other side’! 

This can, in some instances, bring a lot of comfort to the family and friends and there are times, however, when this is not appropriate either, as the relatives might not be ‘open’ to my gift. I am guided at all times”.

Please contact Lynn directly to ask for the fee for this service

Contact Lynn for any further information and/or bookings -


ph: 09 428-3490

cell phone: 027 28 11 350