Effects of Colour


Colour and energy play a much bigger part in our lives than we usually realise. In fact colour is constantly impacting our lives subtly and sometimes dramatically. Colour can cause us to turn away or embrace something we wouldn't have thought of and it also has a physical impact on our bodies.

What is Colour

Colour is light of a certain wavelength of different frequencies and the colour we see depends on these. Our eyes are only able to detect variations of three main colours - red, blue, green, with red at the bottom of the spectrum with a higher wavelength but low frequency than Violet which is at the top of the spectrum with a low wavelength but high frequency.
Rainbow colour


Light is made up of many frequencies with colour only being a small section of these. The colours of the rainbow all emanate from the sun which provides all our light. We are surrounded by light so it follows we are surrounded by colour and below is a short table showing the different parts of our body affected by these different wavelengths and frequencies. So choosing your decor colours or clothing colours will always affect your body and life.




Body System Sympathetic Frequency

Red Adrenals Kidneys, Bladder, Lower Limbs    Muscles, Blood
Orange      Ovaries, Testes   Sexual organs, Colon Digestion, Lymphatics
Yellow Pancreas Liver, Gall Bladder, Spleen Autonomic Nervous system
Green Thymus Heart, Arms Circulation, Para-Sympathetic Nervous System
Blue Thyroid Para-Thyroid, Throat, Ears Respiration, Venous Blood
Indigo Pituitary Eyes, Nose, Lower Brain Skeleton, Bones
Violet Pineal Upper Brain, Head Central Nervous System, Spine, Psyche


Each Colour vibration embodies a lesson and challenge which helps our inner evolution. By really coming to know ourselves we become whole and at peace with ourselves and the world

Life Quality
Red Self-Awareness To walk with determination on your path in this life
Orange Self-Respect To enjoy creative expression and body connection
Yellow Self-Worth To find your persona power and inner radiance
Green Self-Love To trust in the abundance of nature and let love flow
Blue Self-Expression To freely express inner thoughts and feelings
Dark Blue               Self-Responsibility               To heighten our awareness and sensitivity to love
Violet Self-Knowledge To open onself to spiritual unity within the universe
Magenta Selflessness To balance your own needs with the needs of others









Excerpts from Colour Scents by Suzy Chiazzari 

Emotional Body Aura